About Us

Green Antz is revolutionising the way we see plastic. By recycling plastic waste, we not only aim to minimise the amount of plastic waste that poses a threat to the environment but also build a community of people who care. Green Antz thrives on creating a movement for building  a better tomorrow for us and future generations. Since its inception in 2014, Green Antz has tried to share the value they bring by operating with a Circular Economy platform.

Inspired by the unnoticed yet one of the most resilient creatures, Green ants who develop robust ecological colonies, we aim to bring the circular economy system to urban areas and spread it across large territories.



Tons Plastic Recycled Per Annum


Tons Organic Compost Per Annum


Eco Bricks And Pavers Bricks Per Annum

Our Products

Products_Pervious Pavers 02
Thin Pervious Pavers
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Eco Bricks
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Eco Casts