San Miguel, Dow collaborate for 1st recycled plastics Philippine road

Filipino multinational company San Miguel Corporation (SMC) has announced that it has just laid out the first recycled plastics road in the country.

SMC, named by Forbes Asia as a Best-Over-A-Billion company in the Asia-Pacific Region, revealed that asphalt using plastics were laid on a 1,500-square meter pilot test site at a new logistics center in General Trias, Cavite.

The test site was chosen, SMC said, as it will be used primarily as a marshaling area for trucks with heavy loads, including 18-wheelers and heavy equipment.

About 900 kilos of plastic waste, which is equivalent to about 180,000 sachets and plastic bags, were used for the test site.


“What we want to achieve is to help address an important environmental issue, and that is plastic wastes. We want to create a sustainable use for waste plastics so that they don’t end up in landfills and our rivers and oceans,” SMC President Ramon Ang said.

Dow Chemical, the global materials science company serving as SMC’s technology partner, explained that the recycled waste plastics act as a binder together with bitumen in the production of asphalt.

Dow said that using recycled plastics in the production process can help make roads last longer and enhance durability compared to conventional asphalt.

They also mentioned that independent lab tests on the asphalt with recycled plastics show that it exceeded the standards of the Department of Public Works and Highways.