Turning tons of plastic waste into building bricks

Ayala Land doubles down on environmental protection amid pandemic

Some 28 metric tons of plastic waste, the equivalent of 2.8 million plastic water bottles filling up 73 basketball courts, was recycled into useful eco-products by Ayala Land Inc. (ALI) last year as part of its “circular waste management” initiative.

The plastic waste, which would have otherwise filled up Metro Manila’s dumpsites or find its way into Manila Bay, has been recycled into eco-products like bricks for pathways, sidewalks and fences, according to the country’s leading property developer.

ALI said it has expanded its commitment to environmental protection amid the Covid-19 pandemic by using a circular economy approach to waste management- turning plastic waste to products that can be used in projects.


Despite the pandemic, it collected tons of dry plastic waste from its properties and communities last year and recycled them into eco-materials used in its estates and residential communities.

It said that with online shopping and delivery becoming a necessity during the pandemic, plastics use for packaging and food containers increased the volume of plastic that would normally end up in garbage landfills or, worse, find its way to waterways and eventually end up in already polluted oceans.