Circular economy model

GA was founded in 2014 in the Philippines with a Business model to share value through a Circular Economy platform. Seeking Inspiration from the resilient Green Ants who develop robust ecological colonies GA aims to foster circular economy across urban areas. GA has over 30 operating Eco Hubs for Plastic recycling and is setting up Plastic Stations to collect source segregated plastics from over 100 community partners.


GA has a focus on product innovation to meet the sustainability demands of the market leading to recognitions by industry and communities.


The concept of Eco Hub is a partnership between community, industry and government with GA providing the Circular economy platform.

CE Infrastructure

Creating a robust Circular Economy supply chain to enable private and public participants to benefit from.

Technology Solutions

Collaborating with the best value innovative technologies to expand and enhance the value chain.

Digital Platform Integration

Providing sustainable solutions through real time data across generators and collectors and linking the recyclers.

Young People Development

Customized Solutions for Industries to roll out sustainable programs while directly providing the end results to minimize costs and/or benefit target communities.