GreenAntz Eco Hub

What is a GreenAntz Eco Hub?

The world produces around 400 million tonnes of plastic each year of which only 9% is recycled. This linear economy moedl of ‘take-make-dispose’ has just amplified the plastic crisis over the years.


GreenAntz was born out of the idea- What if we turned the world’s growing plastic waste into sustainable building material. And this vision comes alive at our GreenAntz Eco Hubs. Our Eco Hubs are a smart waste management infrastructure, designed to tackle unsustainable plastic production and consumption.


A GreenAntz Eco Hub serves as a plastic waste collection, recycling and manufacturing point. All clean and dry plastics like sachets, straws, plastic bags, pet bottles etc are collected at designated drop-off points and then transported to GreenAntz Eco Hubs. This plastic waste is shredded and mixed with cement and other materials to manufacture green building materials using our technological expertise.

Eco Hubs are a modern recovery facility that help communities and corporations, through an innovative solution, to recycle their waste and develop a smarter building material.

Experts suggest that plastic recycled construction products like bricks, casts, pavers etc are durable, waterproof and highly insulating, making them suitable for many different types of climate. Our eco hubs have helped the Philippines in its journey of reducing its carbon footprint.

Drop Off

The Community EcoHub: Integrated Waste Management Solution, implemented by Green Antz Builders, is a USAID Clean Cities, Blue Ocean (CCBO) – supported model for local, integrated waste management that seeks to address plastic pollution by improving the collection, segregation, sorting and recycling systems at the barangay level. The EcoHub re-imagines the ways that communities handle and dispose of waste, treating it instead as a resource. The EcoHub model supports CCBO’s mission to combat global ocean plastic pollution through local-level solutions that address common urban waste management challenges with sizeable impacts.


The EcoHub model engages community members, local businesses, and local governments to establish a sustainable waste-to-value construct that can be replicated and scaled across cities. Currently, Green Antz and USAID are working together to achieve near zero-landfill status in its pilot site, Brgy. Manggahan, Pasig City.

Green Antz’s EcoHub Concept is a modern Materials Recovery Facility that can accommodate on-site solutions for composting and upcycling of materials. Since 2013, Green Antz has grown to provide effective and sustainable solutions to packaging waste such as sachets and other plastic wrappings through its EcoHubs. To date, Green Antz has built over 20 EcoHubs with private partners operating in source-segregated plastic waste.

In its partnership with USAID Clean Cities, Blue Ocean, Green Antz is piloting an enhanced EcoHub model that will ensure high efficiency and effective change in waste management within the community by combining organic composting and plastic recycling systems. Plastics and other inorganic waste will be collected weekly, shredded and transformed into eco-bricks and pervious pavers. Organic waste, collected daily, will be processed through a rapid composter and turned into nutrient-rich compost.

By increasing recycling rates and reusing materials to make new products, the EcoHub approach not only reduces the demand for new plastic production and diverts a significant amount of organic and plastic waste going to landfills, but also offsets the energy and resource intensive production of other materials, such as pure cement blocks, with their innovative eco-bricks.

Green Antz Builders is an innovative provider of building and housing solutions that integrates eco-friendly practices and green technologies in its products and services.


Their products include different types of eco-bricks (made from collected laminates and cement); pervious pavers a variant of eco-bricks which is ideal for rainwater recovery, and recycling equipment.