Creating Circularity

Green Antz aims to reduce the amount of waste generated, increase the amount of materials we reuse, and recycle while building engaged communities for us and future generations. We change the perception and handling of waste.

Reduction at Source

We collaborate with small and large organizations; working together to reduce waste through reducing, reusing and recycling – supported by educational programs.

Our Products

Green Antz Eco Bricks and Eco Pavers are 2-6x stronger than regular bricks or hollow block using a mix of cement and plastic.


Up to 870 PSI vs standard hollow block with 150 PSI, cement Eco Bricks are heavier, sturdier and more compact


Enables the process of keeping plastic out of the ecosystem and prevents the contamination of the environment


Eco Bricks are a sustainable way to reuse non-biodegradable plastic waste as plastic is regarded as a long-lasting and durable material


Total Cost per square meter is lower by up to 29% due to saving on labor efficiency and curing time

Latest Projects and Updates

Partners for the Goals

Green Antz partners with multiple stakeholders from government, private corporations, non-profits, cooperatives, schools and other institutions to help solve the plastic problem.

Key Partners

Green Antz works with large companies such as Shell Mondelez and Colgate, and with local governments such as Pasig City and Plaridel Bulacan – we are looking for more partners!