Reimagining Plastics: Breathing New Life into Plastics for a Greener Tomorrow

Join our journey to a circular and sustainable reality, one brick at a time.

Creating Circularity

Green Antz aims to reduce the amount of waste generated, increase the amount of materials reused and recycled while building engaged communities for future generations.

We change the perception and handling of waste.

Reduction at Source

We collaborate with small and large organizations; working together to reduce waste through reducing, reusing and recycling – supported by educational programs.

Our Services

We provide comprehensive Waste Diversion and Management solutions tailored to meet the needs of businesses like yours.

Waste management at the core is about how people perceive and behave around waste. Upskill your team to empower them to make the right choices about plastic waste.

We provide logistical support for plastic waste pick up, wherever you are in the country.

Plastic collected is connected to our circular economy manufacturing to produce high quality products, keeping them away from precious bodies of water.

The EPR Law requires all large corporations to ramp up their plastic waste collection up to 80%. We aid in compliance with this law as a waste diverter and connecting their waste to our circular economy manufacturing to produce high quality products, keeping plastic away from precious bodies of water.

Read about how our Waste Diversion and Management services can benefit your business

Our Impact

At Green Antz, we track and measure our impact across different metrics, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of our outcomes.

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kgs of plastic waste collected
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jobs provided
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Eco-Hubs across
the country

Collection Sites

Our network of collection sites are strategically positioned to maximize accessibility and efficiency.

Each site plays a crucial role in our mission to combat plastic pollution by facilitating the proper disposal and recycling of waste materials.

Partners for the Goals

Green Antz partners with multiple stakeholders from government, private corporations, non-profits, cooperatives, schools and other institutions to help solve the plastic problem.

Become a Key Partner.

Become a
Key Partner.

Green Antz works with large companies such as Shell Mondelez, Colgate-Palmolive, and local governments such as Pasig City and Plaridel Bulacan – we are looking for more partners!

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