About Us

Green Antz is more than a company, it is a state of mind. A place which nurtures transcending limitations, embracing sustainability and practicing circularity in our daily lives.

As a circular economy and innovation group, we develop and deploy disruptive environmental solutions.

How disruptive? Enough to reach our ambitious goal of decreasing by at least 10% the amount of waste generated and discarded in regions we are active in by 2030.

With activity in 6 geographies across Southeast Asia and Africa, thanks to collaboration with many affiliates and partners who work hand in hand with us, our vision is fast becoming a reality.

We started our journey in 2013, in some of the most plastic waste ridden regions of the Philippines. Our intention was to develop solutions for what is defined as non-recyclable and low-value plastic waste: such as laminates, multi-layered plastics etc. In more than 90% of the time, these types of plastics go directly to the landfills or discarded and reach our food and water.

In order to tackle those types of low-value waste in a sustainable and economical way, new models had to be developed, commercial, architectural and social ones. Over time, we developed products which integrate these types of waste into construction materials, infrastructures and agricultural solutions. Ones that were easy enough to make even at highly remote conditions, sturdy enough to stand within the building code and economical enough to ensure long term viability.

To ensure the products are also sustainable, we integrated alternative raw materials such as fly-ash, volcanic ash, low-carbon cement, recycled construction debris and more.

By today, we are able to process almost any types of plastics and most types of waste, including organic, inorganic, construction, industrial and other types of waste. We manufacture over 20 types of products such as bricks, pavers, pre-casts, plastic-infused roads, roof-tiles, plastic boards and many more.

Our services for businesses and organizations focus on waste reduction and circularity across the entire supply chain: from extraction, production, distribution, discarding and recycling or upscaling. We do not just sell products, we assist in collecting the waste, processing it and improving the design to reduce the amount of waste generated.

Plastic waste is ubiquitous. To trap and divert it, we require a wide network of collection and drop of points. Therefore, our logistical model is distributed, inclusive and technology enabled. It includes dozens of community-based collection and manufacturing centers called Eco Hubs and hundreds of collection points from gas stations to malls, schools and others.

We prioritize collaboration with schools, since it helps students to grow into citizens which are already familiar with circularity and understand its importance.

Through our community and municipality engagement, we can include the “unseen” waste collectors and community workers in the workplace, providing livelihood and skill building opportunities.

Our collaboration with local and international corporations allows us to have exponential impact, which reverberate through the professional channels, while also providing sponsorship opportunities to local municipalities and communities which may need assistance.

Some examples of our projects include more than 250 housing units and several eco-communities, over 150 gas stations integration, multiple branches of restaurants, low-cost housing initiatives, road pavings, safety and security shelters and many others.

Regardless of our efforts and good intentions, we cannot succeed in tackling such a gargantuan task without constant input and active collaboration with our long list of stakeholders. These include our suppliers, clients, partners, affiliates, consultants, in-house amazing team and many more.  Together with them, we are proud to lead the transition towards a circularity-based, waste free economy.

Join us today as we fulfill our mission to build a better world. One Eco Brick at a time.


The Secret of Success

GA was founded in 2014 in the Philippines with a Business model to share value through a Circular Economy platform. Seeking Inspiration from the resilient Green Ants who develop robust ecological colonies GA aims to foster circular economy across urban areas. GA has over 30 operating Eco Hubs for Plastic recycling and is setting up Plastic Stations to collect source segregated plastics from over 100 community partners.

CE Infrastructure

Creating a robust Circular Economy supply chain to enable private and public participants to benefit from

Technology Solutions

Collaborating with the best value innovative technologies to expand and enhance the value chain.


The concept of Eco Hub is a partnership between community, industry and government with GA providing the Circular economy platform.

Digital Platform Integration

GA has a focus on product innovation to meet the sustainability demands of the market leading to recognitions by industry and communities.

Partners in Sustainability

Arowana Impact Capital leads investment with Green Antz

SINGAPORE, 28 March 2022 – Arowana Impact Capital (AIC), the impact investing arm of award-winning global B Corp investment group, Arowana, is pleased to announce the completion of a cornerstone investment in Green Antz, producer of eco-friendly construction materials operating in Southeast Asia.


Some awards and recognitions given to Green Antz