Green Antz (GA) is a circular economy & innovation group. It develops and deploys disruptive solutions to reduce the amount of waste generated, discarded and existing. It does so by upscaling the various waste streams into various types of construction materials, infrastructure and agricultural solutions. GA started at 2013 and originally focused on developing solutions for the hardest-to-recycle and lowest-value waste, such as multi-layered plastics. GA process almost all types of plastic, as well as organic, inorganic, construction, industrial and other types of waste. Innovation: Utilizing its in-house innovation center, GA developed over 20 types of proprietary solutions, which include bricks, pavers, pre-casts, plastic-infused roads and many more. Social Impact: GA developed a distributed model which include 40+ community-based up-cycling centers and hundreds of collection points across the Philippines. The  GA vision is to be the leader of transitioning towards a circularity-based, waste free economy.

It does so by developing an ecosystem of multiple stakeholders which collaborate to provide sustainable solutions to waste, social inclusion and evolving-adapting technological solutions.

GA’s partners include. Nestle’, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Ayala Corp., Holcim, Starbucks, Royal Dutch Shell, McDonald’s, Colgate-Palmolive etc.

It has multiple projects with each of its partners.

Here are some examples:

1. The setup of 500 collection points across the Philippines by 2025 with Colgate-Palmolive.

2. The setup of about 1,000 drop-off points at gasoline stations with Royal Dutch Shell.

3. The setup of multiple green branches (made out of GA’s products) with Starbucks, McDonald’s, Sell etc.

4. Developing a new line of low-carbon construction solutions with Holcim Cement.

5. Developing a waste-plastic infused roads, together with Dow Chemicals and San Miguel Corp.

Reduction at Source

We are collaborating with large corporations; working together to reduce waste in a more systematic, effective and verifiable manner.


Less mining, burning, and abusing, more circular generation.


Less consumption and mindful utilization


Less dumping, better resources finding


Include, Embed and Empower

Minimize extractions of new raw materials to the lowest level

Production and Manufacturing based on circularity by design

Promoting responsible consumption – Now is better than New

Optimize utilization in creative ways: upcycle and reuse 

Distributed upcycling (as opposed to centralized processing)

Upcycle, refurbish, repurpose

Community based, locally empowered solutions

Inclusion of all stakeholders

Respect traditions while nurturing innovation

Green Antz provide the following ESG impact to its customers, stakeholders and industry:

Environmental Elements:

By removal of waste and prevention of generation or discarding of additional waste: 

Reduction of pollution, tackling climate change, waste reduction & natural resources preservation 

Social Elements:

 By operating multiple community-based centers and inclusion of thousands of waste collectors into its network:

Community Engagement, increasing health and safety and skate-holders relations

Improving human rights, reducing child and forced labor, improving health and safety.

Governance element:

 By including various verification and trace-ability solutions which can easily be audited and verified as to the entire process of each waste element:

Improved transparency and disclosure as well as improved share holders and stake-holders rights.   


Some awards and recognitions given to Green Antz

Construction Innovation for Affordable, Resilient Housing Category Green Antz Builders

Turn Plastic Into ART

SHELL Scores Triple Wins for Innovation, Sustainability, and Inspiring Leadership at 2021 ACES Awards

Awardee – Circle of Excellence – United Neon Most Innovative Company of the Year – 2021

On behalf of the Asia CEO Awards management, CONGRATULATIONS to   Green Antz Builders, Inc.for having been chosen as awardee of Circle of Excellence (COE) for category  “United Neon Most Innovative Company of the Year” in the 12th Asia CEO Awards.

GA joins the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

GA joins the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community of thousands of organizations working to accelerate the circular economy.


The Secret of Success

GA was founded in 2014 in the Philippines with a Business model to share value through a Circular Economy platform. Seeking Inspiration from the resilient Green Ants who develop robust ecological colonies GA aims to foster circular economy across urban areas. GA has over 30 operating Eco Hubs for Plastic recycling and is setting up Plastic Stations to collect source segregated plastics from over 100 community partners.

CE Infrastructure

Creating a robust Circular Economy supply chain to enable private and public participants to benefit from.

Technology Solutions

Collaborating with the best value innovative technologies to expand and enhance the value chain.


The concept of Eco Hub is a partnership between community, industry and government with GA providing the Circular economy platform.

Digital Platform Integration

GA has a focus on product innovation to meet the sustainability demands of the market leading to recognitions by industry and communities.

Partners in Sustainability

Arowana Impact Capital leads investment with Green Antz

SINGAPORE, 28 March 2022 – Arowana Impact Capital (AIC), the impact investing arm of award-winning global B Corp investment group, Arowana, is pleased to announce the completion of a cornerstone investment in  Green Antz, producer of eco-friendly construction materials operating in Southeast Asia.