At least 680 PSI to ensure durability


We offer multiple products depending on your needs


Non-biodegradable plastic is used to ensure availability


No trees used t, we use recycled products and by-products

Green Antz offers these products and services


Lego configured building blocks for housing 


Full service ecohubs to process trash


Let us help you design your green movements


Green Antz invests many of its resources in developing a long line of innovative products

circular 3d printing

Utilizing GREENO’s technology, Green Antz can build structures faster, safer while being cost effective. Due to its unique characteristics, various applications are being explored, including low cost housing for disaster stricken areas, safety shelters and evacuation compounds, earthquake safe communities and more…

upcycled filament

A novel way to upcycle waste plastic. The Green Antz Eco Filament is made of almost 100% upcycled plastic and is designed to be used in standard 3D printers for small to medium scale application. It can be used as raw material for complex applications such as car parts, electronic appliance parts and machinery parts etc

ant house

A platform of affordable yet sustainable housing solutions. Constructed utilizing a combination of GA EcoBricks with light yet durable materials, such as aluminum frames. Features include passive cooling, built in solar panels, gray water collection, water collection fixtures, etc.


Utilizing an innovative formulation, Green Antz upcycles discarded and ‘non-recyclable’ plastics such as light LDPE plastic bags to sachets or hard HDPE plastic bottles and others. Once formulated, it be used as generic feed stock for 3D printing.